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AutoCT V1.4 Updates

Updated: Feb 11

Some big updates due for this release and i felt it warrented a blog post.

Firstly id like to say a big thank you to anyone who has gotten in touch with errors, bugs, suggestions and support for AutoCT. I'm working on getting everything covered but it might take a bit if time so apologies for any delays.

Some the big additions:

Schedule outputs

Ive set up exports to some shared parameters for some of the AutoCT calculated data. This allows users to see exactly what circuits are in each containment and what containment is used by each circuit. This info can then be easily scheduled (along with lots of other parameters) in revit.

3D routing view

This took a long time....

All circuits are now visible as model lines. So you can easily see the routes all circuits are taking.

Im working on a method of updating custom routes and saving back into AutoCT.... Due soon!

Multi-system calculations are now available

Routing of control, security and data circuits is now available. Default wire sizes are coming soon, please use custom sizes for the time being.

Export error list to excel

This allows easy tracking and error checking for the calculations

Bug fixes

Ive rewritten a large chunk of the circuit path calculation. It's now far more accurate and deals much better with large, unconnected and complicated routes.

Rewritten some of the containment sizing calculation to better deal with cable tray fittings and custom fittings in different languages.

There's alot more being released with 1.4, a full list of changes is available in the changelog. But again, thank you for your patience. As always, please get in touch with any features you'd like to see in AutoCT!

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