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Please see the frequently asked question below. If you still have queries please don't hesitate to get in touch using the "Contact Us" button above.

What is AutoCt?

AutoCT is shorthand for Automatic Containment sizing.
Our Revit addin auotmatically routes electrical circuits within a Revit model from circuit start to end point along cable tray routes and automatically sizes the containment.


How can I request a demo?

A 30 day free trial of the software is available through the Autodesk Addin store. Or click on our logo above or download link above.

How does the software work?

Using filters created in the Revit model, the software finds the nearest appropriate cable containment to both the start and end of the circuit and finds the path between them. 
The cable sizes, cable types, configuration, spacing etc. can be imported from Revit or entered in our cable schedule. 
The software gathers the calculated results and routing and displays a 2D or 3D view of the fill factors for each containment - easily showing problem areas.

How do I work the software?

  • Create a cable Tray Filter in our filter dialogue box

  • In the Circuit Dialogue - assign the filter, wire type, size etc. to a circuit

  • Press Calculate

  • View Results!

Please test out the software using our 30-day free trial and if the workflow is not intuitive please get in touch.


We have unconnected cable trays in our model, will the software work?

Yes, a warning will be displayed when unconnected cable tray networks are detected and the software will continue from the nearest appropriate cable containment.
Note: unconnected networks can greatly slow the calculations, if possible try to connect the cable containment in a network to avoid slowdown.

Can this software calculate ICT, fire alarm and ELV circuits?

Currently the software is set up for Power Circuits only. But we hope to have different Voltage Levels and Systems up and running very soon.

I have multiple parallel runs of containment, can the software handle this?

Development is underway to handle parallel containment routes. Please bear with us on this one - coming soon!

Can I link this software with my cable calculation results from external cable sizing software?

Currently cable sizes and configurations can be entered within the AutoCt sofware itself or imported from Revit. We have also developed an Excel import/ export feature to allow cable information to be easily updated. Use of Amtech 3D, SKM and Easypower parameters is also in development. Please keep an eye out for updates or get in touch for development updates.


Error Messages

What are the error messages I see when I run the Addin?

AutoCT reports a number of error messages to the user after the sizing calculations are carried out. See below a list of the errors that AutoCT Checks for...

Error: Circuit Distance is less than the closest CT distance

This means the overall circuit length is less than the distance of the nearest Cable Tray or Ladder. To review this error please enter the Element ID into Manage > Select By ID button in Revit and click on "View Circuit Path" under the modify Section. 

To remove this error - Set the Circuits Filter to "none" and AutoCT will not include this circuit in its calculations.

Error: Element does not belong to a level - Check the Elements height elevation

This means AutoCT could not calculate the level the element is on. Please double check how the family has been created and the elevation of the element in the model.

To remove this error - Use Manage > Select by ID button in Revit to select the element and try changing the family elevation or offset

No filter rules

This warning is highlighting that no rules have been applied to a filter which has been assigned to a circuit. 

Review the routing filters to check all filters are correct. This message will only be displayed once. 

Unassigned Circuits

This message is warning that there are circuits present in the model which have not been assigned a panel. 

These circuits can be easily seein the Review & Calculate dialogue box as having an empty or blank "From" or "To" name. This message will only be displayed once.

The cable tray network is not connected

This message indicates that the cable tray network is unconnected. 

An unconnected cable tray network and introduce errors in the circuiting calculations and can greatly slow down the calculation time.

Select continue from the closest tray and AutoCT will re-run it's calculations to find the route from the nearest containment.

Select stop to locate the break in the cable tray network before re-running the calculation.